9 July 2023

Terre Ceinte

12 June 2023

The Bougsemtenga district

The origin of the name of the district is Bouktenga, which is associated with two meanings. First, bougtenga literally means “happiness district” in Mooré. During the installation of the first […]

12 June 2023

The Scéno College and the ARAS

THE SCENOGRAPHIC COLLEGE The Collège Scéno des Récréâtrales is made up of artists, technicians, researchers, students, apprentices, trainees who meet at each edition to create the scenography of the festival […]

12 June 2023

Sharing Evenings

THINK THE AFRICA OF TOMORROW A new form of social discussion through the language of theatrical performance Initiated in 2014 by the Récréâtrales, the Sharing Evenings want to bring the […]