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Initiated in 2002, the Récréâtrales process is a pan-African space for theatrical writing, creation, research and distribution.

It is divided into three stages (research-training, creation-production and dissemination), and takes place every two years, from February to November, in Burkina Faso, in the city of Ouagadougou. It brings together more than 150 artists, authors, directors, scenographers and actors, around artistic residencies organized in Gounghin, within the family courtyards of Bougsemtenga, a popular district of historical importance. Rue 9.32, host of the Récréâtrales, hosts for the occasion an urban scenography 610 meters long.
Its objectives are to multiply, consolidate, professionalize and diversify the creative approaches of the contemporary African theater scene while promoting the economic and social development of the neighborhood where the project is located.

Festival Missions

The festival promotes open dialogue within the community and enables citizen engagement, recognition and empowerment. Les Récréâtrales generate short and long term benefits for both the neighborhood and the city. They allow an increase in the rate of tourist attendance, an increase in profits for local entrepreneurs and the improvement of technical skills such as welding, sewing and carpentry among young people in the neighborhood. The Récréâtrales also give families living in Bougsemtenga all the responsibilities related to reception, ticketing and security during the Festival Platform.

In addition, the Récréâtrales offer opportunities to artists, with artistic residencies allowing professionalization in all theater disciplines. The festival is an important networking opportunity for artists, programmers, as well as administrators, and is a highly anticipated showcase of new African talent.

“To be or not to be”, a play performed at the Récréâtrales festival.

The Récréâtrales process

01. CONNIVENCES [February]


03. THE RESIDENCES [September and October]

04. THE PLATFORM FESTIVAL [10 days after the Residencies]

A rainbow for the Christian West

In numbers

Since 2002, over 1000 African, European, and Caribbean artists have participated in the festival, with about 60 shows created and 40 of them having continued on tour in Africa and beyond after the festival. In the past 12 editions, over 500 actors and 180 set designers have attended training workshops, and over 100 shows have been presented to diverse audiences.

The lively street of the Récréatrâles festival.

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