A new form of social discussion through the language of theatrical performance

Initiated in 2014 by the Récréâtrales, the Sharing Evenings want to bring the poet, the thinker, the artist back to the heart of the city. They are experimenting with a new participatory form of theater in the service of the construction of a plural critical thought on contemporary African society and its future.

The Sharing Evenings are hosted by Kouam Tawa, Cameroonian playwright and poet, in partnership with the Coalition of Artists and Intellectuals for Culture of Burkina Faso.

Taking place in a family courtyard in Gounghin, they are designed as a real social and civic forum and embody the spirit of the evening, the philosophy of the palaver, the custom of meeting.

Each Sharing Evening honors an African personality who has distinguished himself in the fields of art, politics, science, thus decompartmentalizing disciplines and multiplying views and diagnoses on the future of the African continent in all its complexity.

Make the thought of intellectuals accessible to all without popularizing it

Through these meetings between a personality from the continent and an assembly bringing together the general public, one of the objectives is to succeed in building a collective reflection by mobilizing the tools of methodical debate and participatory dialogue.

This system also has more specific challenges: bringing out free speech, understanding and seeking alternatives to social, economic and environmental realities, initiating and experimenting with change, etc.

Lasting about 2h30, the meeting is ritualized and structured around different sequences: reception of the participants, welcome speech, presentation of the guest and his journey, reading and staging of a text, questions- answers and thematic interview, opening of the debate and conclusion.

Rencontre avec le Balai Citoyen organisée par les Récréâtrales.

Excellent guests for a large assembly

Since 2014, the Sharing Evenings have honored Gaston Kaboré (Burkinabe filmmaker), Aminata Traoré (ex-Minister of Culture and Malian anti-globalizationist), the Balai Citoyen (Burkinabe citizens’ movement), Felwine Sarr (Senegalese economist), Jacques Guégané (Burkinabe poet), Sam Sawadogo (Burkinabe philosopher), Idrissa Ouedraogo (Burkinabe filmmaker) and Laurent Bado (Burkinabe law professor). On the occasion of the 9th edition of Récréâtrales in November 2016, Les Soirées Partage welcomed 700 participants.

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