Project: The Récréâtrales Theater, family theater

Project: The Récréâtrales Theater, family theater

The Récréâtrales Theater, family theater, is a permanent place of theatrical creation, training and dissemination for the use of Burkinabe and international artists but also the inhabitants of the district.

The opening of the Récréâtrales theater meets four objectives

  • diversify and decentralize places of theatrical creation and dissemination in Ouagadougou and Burkina Faso;
  • strengthen the porosity of the Récréâtrales project with the neighborhood by involving its inhabitants in the artistic process of the project;
  • structure support for literary creation and authors in Burkina Faso;
  • constitute a theatrical repertoire identified by the general public and professionals, the true artistic identity of the place.

The Récréâtrales theater hosts 

  • Training with weekly artistic practice workshops offered to residents of the neighborhood.
  • Creation with the reception in residence of creation of Burkinabe and international artistic teams.
  • Dissemination with annual Burkinabe and international theatrical programming.
  • Residences for authors and directors with the reception of authors in writing residence and directors in research residence.

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